Hi, my name is Rea and I am a dance instructor and the owner at Dance Buzz.

I discovered a long lasting passion for dance and music at an early age which resulted in years of training in classical ballet. It was my dream, an escape into the world of fantasy, it was a challenge, and most of all, it was fun. But life took interesting and exciting twists and turns and I found myself learning Ballroom & Latin dancing, at first socially, just for fun, and then professionally as a dance instructor. 

The world of dance enriched my life in many ways. I have met some wonderful people, great dancers and made new friends. Dancing improved my fitness level and it pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

Dancing makes me happy.  It gives me an adrenalin rush and puts a big smile on my face. While on the dance floor, carried by the music and moving in unison with my dance partner, the outside world disappears and the feel of perfect happiness prevails. I get the BUZZ! And I can’t stop now! It’s an addiction and I always search for more! 

I love taking beginner students from their first shaky steps to a level where they can confidently dance. Watching their confidence grow, sharing the joy and thrill they experience through this process gives me tremendous satisfaction. 

With professional tuition and adequate support and practice, EVERYONE CAN DANCE, even people who believe they have “two left feet”. 

I wish YOU, as my student, to experience the same excitement and joy from dancing as I do and I will be there to help you take every step on this wonderful journey. That is why I have created Dance Buzz - to share the passion and love of dancing. 

To spread the BUZZ of dancing.

Our classes are designed for beginners to help them become good social dancers and to enable them to confidently dance to any type of music and with any partner. At Dance Buzz we believe that everyone can dance and we ensure learning such a new skill is easy and fun for you.

Welcome to Dance Buzz community!

I am looking forward to sharing a joy of dancing with you.