Timetable 2022

Start Date: 17/01/2022

Finish Date: 17/12/2022

Beginners Level:

  • Mondays 6pm - 7pm

  • Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm


Intermediate/Advanced Level:

  • Mondays 7pm - 8:30pm

  • Wednesdays 7pm - 8:30pm


Beginners Classes

Introduction to a variety of Ballroom & Latin dances. Ballroom & Latin on Mondays, Latin dances on Wednesdays.

Monday 6 - 7pm - Ballroom & Latin

Wednesday 6 - 7pm - Latin

Party Mix Classes


In these classes you will advance your dance skill, learn a number of figures in a variety of dance styles: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba and Swing.

Monday 7- 8:30pm - Ballroom & Latin

Bronze Intermediate/Advanced

Latin Wednesdays

Lovers of Latin Rhythms, this is the class for you! Come and learn Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Cha Cha and Mambo. This class is great for improving coordination and fitness level while having heaps of fun!

Wednesdays 7 - 8:30pm - Latin

Bronze Intermediate/Advanced

Dance Fitness Classes


Dance Fitness Classes are based on Latin & Ballroom moves and music. Suitable for any fitness level as intensity can be easily adjusted to suit individual fitness level. This class will improve your coordination, balance and flexibility.

It is lots of fun and a perfect way to finish your day with a "happy hour"!

Tuesday 7 - 8pm - Online Class

Friday 6 - 7pm - In Person Class

Private Lessons


Private Lessons are great for accelerating the learning process and applying more technique, details and style to your dancing! Tailor made to suit individual needs and goals.

Book your FREE trial Private Lesson!

Private Lessons are available by appointment:

Monday - Friday 1 - 10pm

Saturday 1 - 6pm

Wedding Dance Lessons

Don't leave it too late!

Start your dance lessons early to have plenty of stress free practice time before your wedding.

Book your FREE Wedding Dance Consultation!


Wedding Dance Lessons are available by appointment:

Monday - Friday 1 - 10pm

Saturday 1 - 6pm

Viennese Waltz & Quickstep
A little bit extra for Intermediate and above level dancers who wish to add those two fast paced and fun dance styles to their repertoire.
Please contact us if you are interested in learning one or both styles.

Friday 7:15 - 9:15pm