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We Will Teach You To Dance!

Dancing is for Everyone Regardless of Age and Ability 

If you have never danced before but have a desire to learn, to improve and maintain your fitness level and keep an active mind, 
Come and learn to dance in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. 


Dance is a creative form of movement that fosters confidence and self-awareness. It brings us together and helps us connect with other humans that share the same interest and love for dance. 

Start Dance Classes and You Will
  • Learn a New Skill
  • Improve Confidence on The Dance Floor and in Everyday Life
  • Feel Stronger In Your Body and Mind
  • Increase Your Self-esteem
  • Improve Your Social Skills
  • Make New Friends
  • Experience Energy Boost and Stress Relieve
  • Learn to Let Go, Have A Go and Have Fun
Take the first step and sign up for Beginners Classes!
Let us take care of the rest!
You will love it, we promise you!
Warning! Dancing is Addictive! Once You Start You Can't Ever Stop!